Survival of the Richest
This show really should have been called "An Hour of Your Life You'll Never Get Back" because seriously, it doesn't get much worse than this.  Basically there are absolutely no standards for reality TV these days, seeing how this idea was about seven "rich kids," worth a combined total of three billion dollars, who are put together with seven "poor kids," the blue-collar workers who collectively owe $150,000 in debt. Oh, and did I mention the rich kids have never worked a day in their lives? They had no problem admitting how spoiled and arrogant they were and I couldn't help but laugh and feel sorry for these brats. Perfect example: Hunter (worth $20 million dollars, which is pretty much nothing when compared to

Kat's $989 million) was boasting about attending boarding school with Prince William and Prince Harry and being fluent in six languages. In his words  "I'm good-looking, I'm rich, I think we can all agree I'm the total package." Does he really think that girls dig that? Poor guy. Speaking of poor, I don't think Esmerelda, a sales clerk, is a fair contestant, since she's only $1,200 in debt, while the single mom Johanna owes $12,000. But anyway, they were each paired up with a rich kid, or as the brilliant writers phrased it, the "opposite side of the wealth spectrum" to play the game and win the $200,000 prize. That money is probably a big joke to the rich kids, but so far it seems like they're all into it. My bet's on Elizabeth to win, since she's worth over a billion dollars and "can probably buy your town."  Maya Schechter

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