Surreal Life
I think we've established that I'm an Alexis Arquette fan. She makes this show worth watching (although I am looking forward to seeing the Florence

Henderson-Tawny Kitaen catfights that are rumored to be on the way). As outrageous as Alexis is at times (exactly what did she do to Marilyn Manson? Damn bleeps, I couldn't make it out), she is also articulate and self-assured. Her explanation of the differences between drag queens and transgendered women was hopefully an eye-opener for people who still insist on calling her a man. So after all that open talk, it was disappointing that Alexis was appointed as the producer of the news broadcast. As she observed, it was a way to avoid putting her on camera in this Podunk place where a missing weather vane opened the broadcast. (Yeah, I know I sound condescending, but c'mon, a weather vane? I guess the crappy economy/war in Iraq stories aren't as sexy.) Anyway, the whole gimmick was reminiscent of that Simple Life episode in which emaciated dingbats Paris and Nicole interned at a small-town news station. (Paris got to do the weather, which was "hot.") Tawny and Andrea have turned out to be pretty dim-witted themselves. Andrea's a drunk and Tawny I'm not really sure what's wrong with her. She's burned out, that's for sure, but something else is going on. She's dumb and condescending and creepy, which is not a pretty combo. The women are certainly stealing the spotlight from the men. Steve Harwell, Maven Huffman, C.C. Deville and particularly Sherman Hemsley (who apparently signed on for the free food) have very little to do. Although, judging from next week's preview, Sherman finally gets some screen time as a wacky weatherman. Still, there's no way he'll be as funny as Triumph was in Hawaii.