Six weeks. Six weeks! That's how long WB made us wait to find out if that really was Big Daddy Winchester on the phone. Not to mention whether or not his truly, spectacularly hot sons were going to have to throw down over what happened at the asylum. Cruel? Yes. But I can forgive easily when the show brings it with some juicy brotherly dysfunction. The plethora of issues plaguing Sam and Dean are a big part of the reason why this is my favorite new show of the season. Sure, the town sacrificing couples to a scarecrow is creepy. Using the Cigarette-Smoking Man from

The X-Files as a professor who helps nab Dean was a great casting move. But the whole bro breakup and then makeup is what really entertained me. Talk about uncomfortable! Dean all blindly following their dad's orders (the dad who ditched him, by the way). And Sam all focusing in on tracking down his paranormal-chasing-pops so he can find the thing that killed his mom and his girlfriend. But you know, Sam and Dean aren't the same without each other. Dean just isn't as good at the whole dealing-with-people thing. Sam didn't seem the same either they both seemed really lonely. For someone who doesn't do well with chick-flick moments, I was heartbroken when Dean told Sam to go live his life and that he was proud of him. And Sam realizing his place was by his big brother's side was cool, too. After the big speech, Dean's typically sarcastic, "Hold me, Sam. That was beautiful," rocked. Plus, that Meg chick is evil, isn't she? Who is she? Wonder what she has in store for Sam and Dean down the road?