So I'm looking at this episode as the comic breath of fresh air before a maelstrom of angst, drama and general badassness (new word) hits our small screen leading up to the season finale. That's what I'm assuming and hoping, of course. Although, there was so much to love about "Hell House": 1) Yes, the writers did mention that Sam and Dean let their father go after reuniting with him, which Sammy realistically admitted was a mistake. That makes me happy because sometimes a plot point or two is dropped in the name of standalone episodes; 2) The Winchester brothers were in a pranking kind of mood. How great is it when Dean and Sam actually smile and laugh while they're trying to one-up and annoy each other?; 3) Dean depending on his love of classic rock to help solve the mystery was very cool there's that Blue Oyster Cult again; 4) Those two Hell Hound Lair website geeks were funny in an annoying kinda way, too. I especially loved it when they asked WWBD  "What Would Buffy Do?" I love it how this show is not afraid to give guest stars good lines; 5) Dean's "Who you gonna call" diversion; 6) This time

Jared went shirtless. Like I said when Jensen did it  down, girls. But can I just add a small wow? That boy has been working out.

Is it just me or did that hell house look like the abode that scary not-supernatural family the Benders lived in, mixed in with that basement where Dean got electrocuted in "Faith"? And that monster-of-the-week Mordechai Murdock. Sure he would evaporate into some sort of black mist. But when he was in corporeal form, I kept thinking things were going to turn out like they do on Scooby Doo. Just take off his mask and there's some old man cursing the meddling kids for ruining his nefarious plan.