Eric Kripke , I have one simple request: Will you please write every single Supernatural

episode? I'm just saying, you penned the amazing pilot and its follow-up, "Wendigo," which features some of my favorite lines. ("Sweetheart, I don't do shorts.") And now in "Shadow," the dialogue is crackling good. The guys are allowed to be guys meaning they tease each other incessantly, flirt with girls, talk about having sex and try to hide their feeling(s) from each other. That is, until they can no longer get away with doing that. The conversation in which Sam told his big bro that once they find the thing that killed their mom and his girlfriend, he's leaving to live his own life? My heart broke a little. 'Cause Dean was all about getting their family back together, and Sammy wasn't having it. So the fact that KripkeTV comes complete with numerous creeptastic, manly man and killer chick-flick moments makes for an awesome trifecta. EvilMeg in all her Ellen Barkin-looking glory came back for Round 2. She used the shadow to lure Sam and Dean to Chi-town to set a trap meant for Big Daddy Winchester. Eventually, we get a couple of hug-it-out moments between father and sons that were really sweet. By the way, how great is it to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan on this show and on Grey's Anatomy? Now I do have a couple of slight issues: Sam figured out how to "temporarily" stop the shadow, and while he and his brother were tied up, cut himself loose to "temporarily" stop Meg? I'm just saying, let Dean have some of the fun, too. And the whole "no new episode till April" business? Not cool. Not cool at all. The fact that Supernatural will soon be following Smallville on Thursdays? I'm totally cool with that.