SupernaturalDon't even get me started on the fact that after a six-week hiatus and only two

original episodes, WB nay, the future CW throws a repeat on us. Trying to sidestep the two-hour juggernaut that is American Idol, perhaps? Who knows. Luckily, this is a really good Supernatural. It's the one where Sam and Dean investigate a haunted asylum in Rockford, Ill. The brotherly dysfunction really kicks in big time with Dean exhibiting some major daddy issues. And Sam makes it his business to alert Dean to the fact that his blind faith in his pops is way not cool, plus he's sick and tired of BossyDean, so back off. Love Dean's alias: Nigel Tufnel. Although, I admit, it took me more than just a little while to realize that Nigel was a Spinal Tap character. Best Sam line: "I had a really crappy guidance counselor." That's his explanation for becoming a ghost hunter. Best Dean line: "Hey Sam, who do you think's the hotter psychic? Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Love Hewitt or you?" Classic. Other favorite moments: Jensen's attempt at a Jack Nicholson impression. The look on Sam's face when Dean says they have to follow Big Daddy Winchester's every order. It's like he's saying "Do you realize how stupid your 26-year-old self sounded just then?" I kinda want to know what Sam actually told that shrink on his recon mission. He's obviously in need of more therapy, because when an evil ghost doctor ramps up Sam's rage issues, he shoots rock salt smack dab in the middle of Dean's chest and then "shoots" him at least three more times with what turns out to be an unloaded gun. Of course, Sam didn't know it was unloaded at the time. That's gotta hurt.