<EM>Supernatural</EM>'s Dean and Ellen "meet cute." Supernatural's Dean and Ellen "meet cute."

Exactly how do the Winchester boys make ends meet? Why is Sam's gift such an especially painful one? Will Dean get some lovin' from one of the roadhouse gals? Series creator Eric Kripke answers TVGuide.com readers' new questions about the CW's Supernatural (Thursdays at 9 pm/ET).

Is that the last we'll see of Gordon [in "Bloodlust," Oct. 12]? Or is there a chance he'll pop back up later in the season? He was a great character. I'd love to see him come back. Maybe for some revenge on Dean?
Eric Kripke: I'm glad you like Gordon. We dig him, too. In my opinion, the actor who plays him, Sterling K. Brown, is one of the best guest stars we've ever had. So yes, he's definitely coming back.... And we're shooting that episode right now. But he doesn't return simply for revenge. He's a hunter, and he's found new prey to hunt. Unfortunately, the prey happens to be Sam. What makes the episode, and the character, cool is that he isn't just twirling his proverbial mustache, acting evil for the hell of it. No, we're trying to give Gordon a valid point of view. After all, any good villain is the hero of their own story.

How do Dean and Sam afford to live this life on the road? Has that ever been addressed, and I've just missed it?
Kripke: We mentioned it a lot more last season than this season I think maybe we have to bring it up again! Basically, they make their money dishonestly, through pool- and card-hustling, credit-card scams... small-time cons. Pick your favorite victimless crime. It may not be completely moral, but hey, with all the good the Winchesters do, they feel they deserve a few fringe benefits.  

Will Sam turn on Dean like Andy did to Ansom (even if it was self-defense)? Will Sam get control of these visions? And might he turn evil? Will the demon show up in one of the visions?
Kripke: Sam will continue to struggle with his visions. He can't control them, which is good, because we don't want to make things too easy for our young hero! The visions only frighten him, make him feel like a freak. Yes, before the season ends, the demon will show up in Sam's visions and dreams, as it has shown up in Webber's visions. As for whether Sam might turn evil I don't want to say too much, but that definitely plays a large part in the second half of the season.  

How come only Sam experiences pain with his gift? Max didn't, nor did either twin.
Kripke: Well, that's not entirely true. Max didn't mention the pain overtly in dialogue, but his gift wasn't easy or pleasant for him. If you look, you'll see how pale and sweaty Max is, and a part of that is because of the toll of using his powers. Also, Webber mentions at the end of the episode that when he used his mind control, "sometimes the headache is worth it." So they've all experienced pain with their abilities, especially in the beginning, when they were learning to control them and master them. These other psychics are further along in the development of their abilities than Sam is, and the further along you get, the less painful it is.

Are there any female "children"? Sam, Max, Andy, Ansom.... Hmm....
Kripke: Yep. We're going to meet one soon. Her name is Ava.  

Ellen and Dean? Ellen and Dean? Did I hear someone say Ellen and Dean? Do you hear me, Mr. Eric Kripke? Tell the network to get over its teenybopper obsession and let Dean have that affair with Ellen. Samantha Ferris kicks all kinds of booty.
Kripke: Well, that's definitely a provocative idea, having Dean score some hot "MILF" action! But I'm not sure that's going to happen anytime soon. I love Samantha's performance, I love the fiercely maternal quality she brings to the character, and that's what we want to explore in the near future. These boys haven't really had a mother nor a female influence on their lives, and we think it'll be interesting for Ellen to fulfill that role. But sorry, that doesn't include hard-core sex. While we're on the subject of the roadhouse characters, and of any potential romance with them, I do want to say to all the fans: Don't worry. We read the boards, we pay attention, and we take your concerns seriously. As I've said before, we gotta keep trying new things, but we're not going to pursue anything on the show that's not working.

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