Returns: Thursday, April; 24, at 9 pm (The CW) Number of new episodes: 4 Where we left off: Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) were jailed by Agent Henricksen (Charles Malik Whitfield), but the Fed was killed by demon Lilith (Rachel Pattee), who was hunting Sam. What's next: "We come back with a weird, quirky episode featuring a bad reality show called Ghost Facers that takes jabs at the format," says creator Eric Kripke. To hell with Dean?: Kripke says the stretch run will focus "on the culmination of Dean's deal to go to hell," which he made last season in order to save his broth­er's life. "The boys will be quite active in searching for a solution. In the season finale, time runs out and the deal comes due, and we will find out whether or not they're able to stop it."