Daddy issues are going to be the central problem on Monday's Supergirlwhen Winn's (Jeremy Jordan) father, aka Toyman (Henry Czerny), returns to National City.

Winn has made passing comments about his father being in jail, but all of those repressed feelings will come out full force when daddy dearest goes head to head with Winn's superhero best friend. "We learn who my father is," Jordan told during a recent visit to the Supergirl set. "He's not a very good guy. He tries to rope me into his world again, which Winn wants nothing to do with."

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The unexpected family reunion will have big consequences for Winn, who has painstakingly tried to put a barrier between his family life and his life in National City with Kara (Melissa Benoist) and the Supergirl mission. "He's completely tried to forget that part of his life, tuck it in a box and never talk about it again," Jordan said. "The fact that he's sort of forced to face it and deal with it [evokes] a lot of things that he's been holding down. You kind of see he deals with everything with a little bit of humor, but that comes from a place of defense. We start to see that defense mechanism break down in a big way. Consequentially, it affects other things going on in his life at the same time."

The forced reconciliation of who Winn's father is will also affect his desire to help Kara and the DEO take down bad guys. Fans may be seeing a different side of Winn for a while. "It's going to be a very complicated situation," Jordan said. "I think eventually he'll come back around, but I don't think it's going to be easy," Jordan says. "Once he's forced to deal with this, you don't just snap right back like 'Double down!' You have to deal with stuff."

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The silver lining is that Winn's walls breaking down may finally allow him to make some headway with his feelings for Kara. "There's a lot of things that go down that are not fun and Winn has to find the strength to overcome his father and his other fears," Jordan said. "We'll see a little bit of a development in the storyline in his friendship with Kara as well."

Will it be worth it though? Find out when Supergirl airs Monday at 8/7c on CBS.

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