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Supergirl Moves to the CW: What's Going to Change?

Budgets and cross-over potential

Megan Vick

Supergirlis officially moving to the CW.

After weeks of rumors, it was officially confirmed Thursday that Supergirl will get a second season alongside fellow DC superheroes The Flash, Arrowand Legends of Tomorrow on the CBS sister network. This means that Kara Zor-El's (Melissa Benoist) story can continue, but at a much cheaper cost.

Why Supergirl has earned a second season

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that the change in network also means a change in location. Supergirl is moving to Vancouver where the CW's other comic shows -- also produced by the Greg Berlanti team -- shoot. Most importantly, costar Calista Flockhart has agreed to make the move as well, meaning that fans won't miss any of Cat Grant's notable snarky quips.

Executive producer Ali Adler has already shared her excitement over moving to the CW.

What does the move mean besides having to change the channel and cheaper CGI effects? For one thing, the new location greatly improves the potential for crossovers. Adler and her team will have to find a plot that brings Supergirl into the same dimension as her network siblings since she currently lives in a world outside of the CW universe.

If they can pull it off there's no reason for Kara and her friends not to join in the annual The Flash and Arrow crossover event. Berlanti's team already proved that Kara and The Flash (Grant Gustin) have great chemistry (and improved ratings) in their own cross-network special earlier this spring. The same network, shooting location and a plot fix overcomes all of the major issues that hindered crossovers in Supergirl's first season.

The next questions: Where will Supergirl will fit on the crowded CW schedule come the fall? Or will the network will push Kara Zor-El to the spring as it did with Legends of Tomorrow? We'll find out next week, when the network releases its fall schedule.

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