[WARNING: The following contains spoilers from Monday's episode ofSupergirl. Read at your own risk!]

Lucy Lane may have gotten her man, but her troubles are just beginning.

On Monday's Supergirl, Lucy (Jenna Dewan-Tatum)'s goal to win back her ex Jimmy Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) succeeded following a bomb scare at the airport that made him realize how much she meant to him. Last we saw them, they were sharing a celebratory lip lock and simultaneously shattering Kara's (Melissa Benoist) heart into a million little Kryptonian pieces.

But as Jimmy continues to work with Supergirl...and Kara, Lucy must figure out how to navigate his new life and what Kara around could mean for her future. "They're back together, they're back in love, they're figuring it out together as she starts a new life in National City," Dewan-Tatum tells TVGuide.com. "She's starting to find her own place in National City regardless of James being her boyfriend or not, so that's really fun to watch and see the relationships that she starts to make outside of him."

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Check out what else the actress had to say about the love triangle, Lucy's dad coming to National City and more:

Will some of the preexisting conflict that they had still be a problem? He's still obsessed with the Super family, and she still has a demanding job.
Jenna Dewan-Tatum:
It's never really gone. When you've gone through a tough relationship or breakup with somebody, you're never able to just sort of clean slate, start fresh, here we go, let's pretend that that never happened. So that energy definitely seeps into their relationship, and there's a tie and connection that they have to each other that they can't deny. But it's complicated, and there are hurt feelings and there's also his connection and his feelings with Kara, but they're totally different and separate from how he feels [for Lucy]. It gets a little messy for sure.

Will we be seeing her doing more JAG cases?
She definitely has an episode where you will get to see that come to light. There comes an arc where her job changes, and she creates a fun dynamic with Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart), which is really awesome....but it's not how you would expect it, and they sort of create a relationship in which they both need each other.

Lucy calls him Jimmy not James. Is this just sort of familiarity, or has she not quite accepted his new grown-up persona?
It's a little bit of both. That's their relationship together, that's special to them. I think she knows him as James, but that's not what she's ever called him, that's not how she knows him. So it's hard for her to change that view of him for her. To her, Jimmy's always been Jimmy and that's a sign of endearment and especially what they had together, and him changing his name or having other people call him James, that's not who she knows so that's of course never how she's going to address him.

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Does Lucy have any sort of suspicions that Kara might have some feelings for James?
Lucy's a really smart girl so there's only so long that she could not acknowledge that there's definitely a connection there, but it's not - I don't think she's worried, I don't think she has any sort of understanding of how deep that connection might be or what that connection looks like. What she does know from the beginning is that he really does love [Kara] as a friend and really respects her, which in turn immediately makes Lucy respect her as well. Because if Jimmy really loves you and respects you, I know I will because that means you're an amazing person. So she understands that there's a lot of love there, but I think as it goes on there's a little bit of, "Well, what was that look? Or what do you mean when you said that? You spend a lot of time together." There's that and us within, we have that sixth sense. It's kind of hard to deny it.

You mentioned General Lane (Glenn Morshower) is coming. Can you say anything about his arrival or what he might be doing?
Yeah, my father, that episode is really fun. It is intense. He has a take-charge, take-no-prisoners type of attitude. He is very intimidating. He maybe doesn't have the fondest feelings for Jimmy, and there's a lot to live up to with that being your father. There's sort of a feeling of, "I'm such a daddy's girl growing up and I really want to make him proud all the time," so there's a moral dilemma that [Lucy] gets into as far as seeing the true colors of her father, working for him and yet also wanting to please him and be in love with somebody that maybe he doesn't approve of. There are a lot of layers and emotions that pop up.

Speaking of family, does Lucy feel a little bit like she's lived in the shadow of her sister Lois?
Yeah, definitely. [Lois has] always been the one that got the attention, she was known for being smart and she was the one that everyone sort of talked about and it was, "Lois this, Lois that." Lucy has lived in that shadow...so, there's a frustration that comes with that. I think a lot of people that have siblings can relate with that. I actually don't have any sisters so it was fun to develop that. I was really intrigued. I would go, "What would that be like to have a bigger sister that is definitely the shining star and you've lived in that shadow? How does that feel for you? But also you're a shining star in your own way and coming into your own power without being Lois' sister?" So you want to create your own identity and definitely in an episode to come there's a bit of frustration with that.

Well what does being on Supergirl mean to you?
Childhood dream come true. It was my favorite movie as a kid, truly. I've always wanted to play a superhero... Also after having a child and a daughter, it does change your perspective as to why you choose to work. So when deciding to do this, I thought, "There are how many shows that I know of that really set a good example for young girls and just for young people in general?" So in a couple years when Everly wants to watch something other than Frozen, she's going to see Supergirl with me and think her mom is awesome.

What did you think of Dewan-Tatum as Lucy Lane? Will Kara get her chance with Jimmy?

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