Did Justin Timberlake rock his Pepsi spot, or did the bubbly fall flat? Do the clydesdales still have some kick? Here's what we thought of this year's Super Bowl commercials. (You can also see which spots Matt Roush singled out here.)

The Best:
" Bud Light - "Now with the ability to breathe fire." A visual laugh-riot! | Watch video

" Diet Pepsi Max's "What Is Love" riff, featuring a Chris Kattan cameo (but no Will Ferrell. He's probably busy-ish). | Watch video

" FedEx's "Carrier Pigeons": bad idea for a courier service, great idea for a commercial. | Watch video

" Tide to Go's "Talking Stain" articulated everything we've ever felt about a distracting splotch on a shirt. | Watch video

" Bill Frist and James Carville's "Buy Me a Coke." (Carville is on fire this year, following that 30 Rock cameo.) | Watch video

" E*Trade's stock-savvy and spitting-up baby. | Watch video

" The NFL's Super Ad, featuring Ephraim Salaam and Chester Pitts.

" Jackie Moon (Will Ferrell) selling Bud Light. OK, maybe Ferrell isn't that busy. | Watch video

" The Stewie and Underdog floats going after the Coke-bottle float. Now that'd get me to turn out for the Macy's parade! | Watch video

The Worst:
" Audi's Godfather reference. Like Matt Mitovich, I simply did not get it. | Watch video

" G2's Derek Jeter spot. Does Jeter really care about calories? Really? | Watch video

" CareerBuilder.com's spot with the heart jumping out of the woman's chest was totally creepy, you must admit.

" Bud Light's cavemen inventing the wheel. (Um, haven't we had enough cavemen commercials by now? And TV series?) | Watch video

" Ice Breakers' Carmen Electra fan meet-and-greet. And the point was...? | Watch video

Share in comments your thoughts on the commercials - the good, the Bud and the ugly! - Nina Hämmerling Smith

News update: A survey by TiVo shows that the E*Trade ad with the spitting-up baby was the most-watched commercial of the game.

Use our Online Video Guide to enjoy more memorable spots.

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