Who the heck is Julie Delpy? The French actress had a recurring role on ER as one of Goran Visnjic's lovers. Other than that, she's done lots of indie flicks like Before Sunrise, which barely blipped on America's radar. Of course, that hasn't stopped Delpy — who's also a singer-songwriter — from serenading Ethan Hawke in the Sunrise sequel Before Sunset (now in limited release).

"It is always so dangerous to sing a full song to someone on screen," Delpy says, "but I was very happy. ["A Waltz for a Night"] was the song. It was as though it was written for the film, even though I had written it before."

Songwriting isn't Delpy's only skill. She also co-wrote the critically acclaimed Sunrise and Sunset, along with Hawke and director Richard Linklater. To sum it up, the first film was about two strangers sharing a too-short 14 hours together. The sequel briefly reunites them nearly a decade later. Like the original, Sunset ends with a few unanswered questions. Does the 34-year-old Delpy predict a third installment of this star-crossed love story?

"I don't know," she admits. "We've talked about it, but we will do another film only if we have something that we really feel needs to be said. We don't want to do [it] just to do another film.

"It took nine years to do a sequel," she adds. "We were really careful on this one not to disappoint the people who liked Before Sunrise. So for the third one, it's like double time — we don't want disappoint the people who liked [both] films!"