The 4400
I feel terrible saying this, but I'm still getting used to not being surprised by good programming on USA Network. Next week is the last episode of this alien-abduction limited series and I'm not happy. (Hopefully, this will be picked up for future episodes. Hey, if something like, say, Joe Schmo, can have a subsequent edition, why not this cool show?)

OK, so right now we've got that rich benevolent guy, Jordan (

Billy Campbell), who seems amazingly slimy even though he's giving away houses and jobs. (That beard alone is a giveaway.) And then you have that strange, pushy baby in Lily's belly. Next, there's clairvoyant Maia and healing or suck-the-life-out-of-you Shawn, who has no problem hooking up with his brother's girlfriend (now ex). And finally, Kyle, after just waking up from a coma, is saying he's actually not Kyle. Yikes. Yeah, I don't know, but I have a sick feeling these things are all related and next week it's not going to be pretty.

Dell Computer Commercial
The goth girl and the chirpy cheerleader-type girl have nothing in common except their love for Dell's handy laptops. OK, fine. The thing is, I just don't buy the tag to the commercial that has the girl in all black with the heavy makeup introducing her giant snake, Bob, to her new pal. Bob? C'mon. What goth girl is going to name her snake Bob? Mark, maybe. Or possibly Lucifer. But not Bob.

So how much at this point are we supposed to be thoroughly annoyed by Adrian Grenier's lazy-actor-pretty-boy character? Because I'm already there. This series is about a group of lifelong buddies, but I'm not sure why they'd still be hanging around with Vincent unless they were all psychic and knew he was going to be making loads of money someday. (Yeah, OK, one of the guys is his brother, but what about the other two dudes?) This episode, which was centered on Vincent's last-minute appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, did make me laugh though when we saw the talk show's applause sign that flashed "CLAP YOU BASTARDS." Hmmm... you know, I'm pretty sure the sign was talking directly to Vince and Turtle.

The Dead Zone
Finally! After three years Johnny blurted it all out to Sarah: "What about the day you married Walt?... If someone had come up to you at your wedding and told you positively that I was going to wake up, what would you have done?... Would you have waited for me?" Turns out she would have, but that doesn't get rid of old stoic-face (that's Walt). Admittedly, the writers and actor Chris Bruno continue to nicely balance his purposely annoying presence and necessity for being there (romantic obstacle and law-enforcement liaison). Damn them.

I thought this story about a woman who finds out on her wedding day that her supposedly dead first love is actually alive was going to have a lighter tone considering Johnny and Bruce's banter at the beginning of the episode. After Johnny's extremely vague premonition about his buddy's future bride, Bruce chastised his friend's lack of follow-up info with "That's the sorriest-ass vision you've ever had." Sheesh. It's not easy being a psychic.


Robbie Knievel
So did you think even for a second that Knievel was going to jump much before the live hour program was nearly over? It was 8:58 pm local New York time before he raced down the ramp to attempt his jump over seven vintage airplanes on the former USS Intrepid aircraft carrier. With that extra cushion they certainly managed to cover every single obstacle that he would be facing, including: the first ramp was only five feet wide; he had only 400 feet to accelerate (usually he leaves himself 500); the landing ramp is only 12 feet wide; and he had to stop himself after the landing by plowing into a wall of bundled hay or he would plummet off the side of the carrier into the water.

Thankfully, Evel's 42-year-old son (who's now a grandfather, believe it or not) did make it and TNT was able to end the program in time for its TV movie about his old man that they had been promoting like crazy. The only one more relieved than Robbie was TNT's Craig Sager — not wearing an over-the-top ugly suit like he usually does for NBA coverage — who kept subtly fighting with Robbie to give his microphone back to him after the daredevil snagged it while he was answering a question. Sager was not a happy interviewer. He unsuccessfully grabbed for the microphone so many times that I thought he was going to lose it and tackle Robbie out of pure frustration.


Late Show with David Letterman
Rosie Perez was in a weird mood Friday night. Usually, she appears quite calm and collected, but this time she was rather giddy and weight-conscious for some reason (I personally think she looked great). When she first came out, Dave said, "You look tremendous, by the way." Little did he know that that was clearly not the best choice of words, because she immediately went into insecure/defensive mode. "What do you mean 'tremendous?'" she responded. He assuaged her fears, but you could tell she was still reeling from this inadvertent comment when she began to explain the documentary on Puerto Rico that she's currently producing. "It's on the political relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States," she explained, "and the culture and everything like that, and I'm so fat, it's disgusting." Although the competition wasn't particularly fierce, I'm pretty sure that wins for Non Sequitur of the Weekend.