Gabriel Macht, Sarah Rafferty Gabriel Macht, Sarah Rafferty

Bummed that Donna is still not back at Pearson Hardman yet on Suits?

Thursday's flashback episode ought to assuage some of that pain. The highly anticipated hour — titled "Rewind" — brings us back to 2007 when things were peachy-keen between Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty), the days of Hardman (David Costabile) at the firm were numbered, and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) was, um, high on life.

Check out our six teases for what to look forward to in the episode.

Suits casts Mike's new love interest

1. Harvey and Donna's bond
Turns out 2007 was a pivotal year in Harvey's professional and personal life — and the only person privy to everything was Donna. The seeds for their close-knit bond are planted throughout the episode, especially after Donna proves to be invaluable to the firm when she uncovers something for Harvey. And their mysterious can-opener ritual? The origins of that will be explained as well.

2. Hardman's inauspicious endAs we now know, Hardman stole money from the firm's clients before stepping down, ostensibly to take care of his dying wife. But the events leading up to his resignation are more complicated than just Harvey and Jessica (Gina Torres) busting him about the embezzlement. Let's just say the money was going to something other than his wife's cancer treatments.3. Getting testyNo Tom Ford suits for Mike this episode. He's a bike messenger by day and a bar-hopping single guy by night, with now-ex-BFF Trevor (Tom Lipinski) as his wingman, natch. It's at a bar where he first meets Jenny (Vanessa Ray), and their subsequent flirting will have you squee-ing. We'll also learn how he became a professional LSATs test-taker — a gig he initially scoffed at until he's faced with a conundrum.

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4. A near-miss meetingSince the episode obviously pre-dates Mike's tenure at Pearson Hardman, there will be no quick-witted banter between him and Harvey, but that doesn't mean they can't be in the same scene. Yup, Mike and Harvey have crossed paths before!5. There's something different about you...Nearly everyone looks the same in 2007, give or take a haircut or fashion style here and there, but, if you haven't seen the promo yet, there is one big difference about Flashback Louis (Rick Hoffman). Just brace yourself for it — and the reason. And if you can't wait until Thursday night, check out the sneak peek below.
6. What about the future?Present-Day Donna is still fired from the firm, but there may just be hope for her yet to return by episode's end.Suits airs Thursday at 10/9c on USA.