It sucks to see a fight between Helo and the chief when we like them both, doesn't it? Just as it sucks to see poor Dee get zapped by the ship's virus-infected computer, since I know the feeling well: Last time I swapped out the hard drive in my PC, it nearly killed me, too. And watching Starbuck and Apollo nearly die from lack of oxygen in the shooting range? Been there, too, running uphill at 13,000 feet and wondering what those wriggling little fish were at at the edges of my tunnel vision right before I came thisclose to going out. (Yeah, yeah it's all about me, isn't it?) But I love the chief's Monster Garage vision, trying to build a fighter from scratch, despite Tigh calling it a "pipe dream" and suggesting Adama shut the project down. Which is why we and everyone on board are glad he's second in command.

Whoa. Is there now sexual tension between Dee and Apollo, in addition to her thing with Billy and Apollo's flirtation with Starbuck? Small ship, and getting smaller. Then Tigh tells the chief he knows a guy looking to get rid of some old engines. OK, I take back what I said. No time to think about it, though, since watching Cylon Boomer stick the fiber-optic cable through a slit in her palm, then shove it up into her wrist in order to send a signal to take out the Cylon ships was about the most disgusting thing I've seen this week. (Well, except for the bloodier chunks of Rome.) Meanwhile, Tigh screams that she set them up and Adama ought to shoot her in the head, just before she powers down all the enemy ships. I take it back again. We need him fourth or fifth in command (and don't forget to jettison that wife of his into space while you're at it, even though she didn't even appear this week). But the chief's Blackbird actually flies, right before a touching moment when Roslin calls it an act of faith rather than just a ship, and a funny one when she pretends she's about to bust the champagne bottle on it. Ending it all, a nice decision to black out before we can hear what the chief and Cylon Boomer have to say to one another. You may get tired of reading this, but I don't get tired of typing it: Nice one, Galactica folks. MP

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