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Succession Fans Want Brian Cox to Tell Them to 'F--- Off'

Even at inappropriate times

Amanda Bell

Aaron Paul isn't the only TV star whose fans beg him to shout his character's signature curse word at them. Thanks to his gruff turn as Logan Roy on HBO's Succession, Brian Cox is suddenly getting swarmed by people who want him to tell them to "f--- off."

Deadline reports that at a London event hosted by European broadcaster Sky, Cox spoke about the success of Succession, which begins production on Season 3 in April. It turns out his character's favorite phrase is really catching on with the fans -- even when it's not appropriate. The actor revealed that after attending a Me Too-related evening with journalist Ronan Farrow in Los Angeles, he was approached by fellow attendees who asked him to repeat his catchphrase. "It was a very serious evening and afterwards I was suddenly surrounded by a coterie of women and one or two of them, maybe three, said quietly, with their cameras, 'would you tell us to fuck off,'" Cox recalled. "And I said, 'Is that really appropriate, a white dinosaur like me?'"

Chances are good that he won't be the only Succession star to receive awkward requests as the show continues its rise --- we can only guess how many times Jeremy Strong gets asked to perform "L to the OG" at parties.

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Cox went on to suggest that he wasn't upset by the ask. "It's kind of stirred the pot a lot, which is what you want drama to do," he said. In fact, since becoming Logan Roy, he now finds himself slinging that swear around a lot more in general.

"This guy I've been playing has now become my alter ego," Cox said. "I just use the bastard side of my personality. The irony is that I'm now saying what I think, which I never used to do. I tell people to f--- off." It's hard to imagine how he couldn't take some of Logan's no-filter attitude home with him.

As for any Season 3 intel, Cox isn't sharing. He said even he doesn't want to know what happens on the show down the line, adding that it's more "exciting" to take things one episode script at a time.

Succession Seasons 1 and 2 are now available on HBO.

​Brian Cox, Succession

Brian Cox, Succession