The promotional poster game for Stranger Things' second season has been as much a showcase of '80s pop culture as the series itself, and even though Stranger Things 2 is scheduled to drop on Netflix in a matter of days, the zeitgeist-y wink session isn't slowing just yet.

The latest poster features all the essential characters from the series' first season with new characters filling out the sides. They're all gathered under the capable hands of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), who looks to be summoning audiences in with her telekinetic powers.

The massive monster above her, which is lit up with orange from a storm-filled skyline, resembles a pumpkin. This could be both a nod to the Halloween season and possibly the Halloween films, which often incorporated a creepy jack-o-lantern into poster images as well.

Elsewhere on the new Stranger Things poster, there are also some other relevant winks to the era. Some we've already seen, like the kids' Ghostbusters-themed costumes and their beloved arcade, but some are new, like the barbed bat which may or may not be a reference to The Dorm that Dripped Blood (but certainly not The Walking Dead) and a scarecrow.

We'll see what it all means once Stranger Things 2 lands on Netflix Friday, Oct. 27