Steven Weber doesn't blame NBC's seemingly hexed post-Friends timeslot on Thursday nights for the demise of The Weber Show — formerly titled Cursed. He blames the sorry show itself.

"I think the show failed for reasons other than that it was in some timeslot with a bad mojo on it — I think that's crap," Weber tells TV Guide Online. "If the network finally has some balls and puts a show there that is good, appeals to an adult audience, takes a chance and [they stop] bemoaning why audiences are fleeing the network and going to cable, then that mysterious Bermuda triangle of an 8:30 timeslot suddenly won't be so bad."

The 40-year-old actor and recent first-time father says his series's problems began early on, thanks to network tinkering. "From the beginning, the original idea was kind of misunderstood or [the network execs] were afraid of it," the former Wings star says. "[It] was essentially a guy who gets out of bed and steps in crap all day, just trying to get through his day. But again, keeping to the network precepts of what makes a successful show, they decided to kind of pander to a certain demographic, which they feel required romance, etc. — and that was the death of that show."

"I really just wanted to do something different from the beginning," he admits sadly. "And I ended up doing something that was so average and common."

Though Weber's now a regular on the critically acclaimed Once and Again — whose recent move to Friday nights at 10 pm caused a dip in viewership — he still won't pin poor numbers on the timeslot. "I don't think ratings are a science," he grouses. "Not everybody goes out Friday night. I feel that this show appeals to an audience that's watching, but they're not counting. Young people go out and they don't watch TV, but what about those poor, old, decrepit people like myself that are in and watch TV?"