Sterling K. Brown's speech at the 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards was one of several to be nudged off the stage by way of the play-off music, but viewers were less than enthusiastic about the actor being pressured to wrap up his acceptance for Best Drama Actor for his work in This Is Us.

Not only had the star paid tribute to those who'd stood on the stage to accept the prize before him — including Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, Mad Men's Jon Hamm, and Homicide: Life on the Street's Andre Braugher, the last black actor to win in the category before Brown — but he was also in the middle of honoring those he shared the screen with on the hit NBC drama with thoughtful, personalized verbal love letters to each of his co-stars.

When the music started to play him off, though, Brown complained about the volume of the tune and suggested that it was louder than others who'd been musically encouraged to wrap things up. He even tried to stay through it as the camera panned further and further away, distorting the audience's view of the actor onstage.

Perhaps it was because of his resistance to finishing or the fact that his words were so compelling, but social media erupted in a firestorm of frustration over Brown's speech being cut short.

Some called foul on other winners seemingly getting to speak longer.

And many were left curious about what else he'd have to say, if given the time, since up to that point, his speech had been a treat to listen to.

The good news? Brown finished his speech backstage, albeit to a much smaller audience.

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