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There's one more country going to the Vancouver Olympics: Colbert Nation.

Stephen Colbert announced on Monday's The Colbert Report that his Comedy Central program — and his legion of fans — will become the primary sponsor for the U.S. speed-skating team, filling the void left by original sponsor DSB Bank NV, which declared bankruptcy in October.

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Colbert will call on his loyal followers — who helped him get a treadmill in the international space station named in his honor — to donate funds through and The team's uniforms will also be emblazoned with "Colbert Nation.""That's what you're looking for, ladies and gentlemen," he said on the show. "And it'll be easy to see because they'll be the first ones over the line."Colbert was joined by Olympic gold medalist Dan Jansen and U.S. speed-skating executive director Bob Crowley for the big reveal and signing of the sponsorship papers.

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"I know you're patriotic. You not only support the troops," Jansen egged on Colbert. "Bring the Nation along to the Olympics through U.S. speed-skating."

Colbert's already preparing for the trek up North.

"I shaved my entire body so I was more aerodynamic for my report on speed-skating," he tweeted.

The Winter Olympics start Feb. 12.