Where to start? OK, I know. Princess Leia, editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, who knew? Favorite-line honors go to the actor formerly known as William the Bloody: "Clark, there's no such thing as vampires." I know, we saw the line teased ad nauseum from the second last week's episode ended. I don't care. Loved it. What do you want? I'm easy. But TPTB did lay the Buffy shtick on a little thick didn't they? You know how Law & Order is known for being "ripped from the headlines"? Every once in a while Smallville gives us a 'sode that's ripped from other shows. You know what I'm talking about. Last year Lana got possessed by a 17th-century witch and then proceeded to turn Lois and Chloe into her buddy witches. It had Charmed written all over it, right down to the threesome's barely there Alyssa Milano get-ups. So this time we get a Tri-Psi sorority vampira named Buffy Sanders. Sanders. Not Summers. (Summers + Xander = Sanders, maybe?) Anyway, the not-Buffy Buffy and her gaggle o' Harmonies initiate Ms. Lang by turning her into Ms. Fang. This forces her BF to develop another alter ego Clark the Vampire Slayer. And how about Chloe's voiceover: shades of One Tree Hill anyone? I'm just glad she didn't go all Henry David Thoreau on us à la Chad Michael Murray. Some quick thoughts: The big costume party how deliciously dorky was Clark as Zorro? That Lex is cruel. Chloe lay near death because of this "rabieslike disease," yet he only flinched when he heard VampLana was sick, too. Boo. But yea! to the first couple of scenes featuring Lex and Milton. The two menaces to society have something in common: an unnatural fascination with Clark Kent. Oh, and we got a bit of  Brainiac badness. Finally.