Brad Goreski Brad Goreski

Bravo has the market cornered when it comes to catfights and tantrums, but the stars resorted to no such antics at the network's upfronts presentation in L.A. on March 30. Instead, they talked up a storm about what's ahead, and it's all good stuff!

Top Chef Masters host Curtis Stone, who's starting to match Ryan Seacrest in the number of TV gigs one person can have, told TV Guide Magazine that one of his favorite episodes this summer has Mad Men's Christina Hendricks guest-judging the contestants. "On set she's constantly surrounded by '60s food, so she came on and she's like, 'I'm around it all the time and it kind of sucks. What I'd really like for the chefs to do is modern interpretations of the '60s food,' so we got them to do that," says Stone. The results satisfied Hendricks and her husband Geoffrey Arend. "They were just blown away," says Stone. Other famous guest judges this season include Kelis and Maroon 5. 

Rachel Zoe's former assistant, Brad Goreski, is currently shooting his own Bravo show, It's a Brad Brad World, in which fans will see how working mad hours for the celebrity stylist paid off. "She amped up my work ethic so much," says Goreski. "If I get a phone call to do a fitting, six hours later I can make it happen." For Goreski, who's still in touch with Zoe and recently showered her baby boy with gifts from Hermes, breaking away from his mentor was a tough decision. "My own inner voice was saying to me, 'You either need to make the commitment to stay with her for another five years or go out on your own.' I wanted to see what would happen if I did, and it's been pretty amazing," he says. But it's not all champagne and parties. "I'm starting out and I want people to see it's hard work. I'm out there trying to get clients and fighting the fight."

Kara DioGuardi may have moved on from American Idol, but she tells TV Guide Magazine she played a small part in Steven Tyler landing a spot on the judges' panel this year. "He was at my house and we were writing a song called 'Love Lives' for release in Japan and he was asking me about Idol," she recalls. "After he left I just felt like he was so warm, so funny, so down-to-earth, had so much heart, and was obviously incredibly talented and I called one of the producers and said, 'You should interview him.'" The rest is history, and DioGuardi, thinks Tyler is "great" on the show. She'll head up Bravo's Platinum Hit, a competition for budding songwriters, which she says is very different from her previous gig. "Imagine that you had no songs on American Idol. What would you do? This is about the people who write those songs," she says, adding. "You can actually have a pretty good career rhyming 'sun' with 'fun'!"