Are you ready to head back to a galaxy far, far away? No, you haven't slipped into a coma and woken up in December in time for Star Wars: The Last Jedi; it's just the first episode of the new animated series Star Wars Forces of Destiny, which has dropped online early!

The short animated series will debut daily, starting today, and focus on characters throughout the history of the Star Wars universe. Things kick off with Rey (Daisy Ridley, reprising her role from The Force Awakens) in the first episode — titled "Sands of Jakku" — and will also feature everyone from Princess Leia, to Star Wars Rebels' Sabine and Hera.

The short picks up from a key scene in The Force Awakens, after Rey has met up with precocious little droid BB-8 for the first time. From there, we get to see the duo's first adventure together — and it's just as thrilling and adorable (in BB's case) as you'd expect.

Every episode is narrated by Lupita Nyong'o's possibly immortal, definitely very old, definitely very into Chewbacca Force Awakens character, Maz Kanata. Felicity Jones will also bring back her Rogue One character Jyn Erso for a future episode.

Each episode will then be bundled up for a network premiere on Disney Channel, on July 9; though you can keep checking them out in abbreviated form on Disney's YouTube channel.