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Star Trek Discovery Is Boldly Expanding Into Books and Comics

The series is boldly going big when it debuts in January.

Malcolm Venable

Star Trek: Discoveryis going really, really big when it debuts on CBS -- before moving to CBS' All Access portal in January of 2017: not just with a new ship, new aliens and new planets; but a novel and comic book series, too.

Kristen Beyer, who's overseeing a line ofStar Trek novels, announced the big plans for the series at the Star Trek: Mission New York convention this weekend, where she and Nicholas Meyer, writer and director of the acclaimed movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, celebrated the franchise's 50-year milestone.

Star Trek Discovery: everything we know about the new series

At the gathering, Beyer said that longtime Star Trek author David Mack will write the Discovery tie-in novel, while writer Mike Johnson will have a hand in developing the comic series. "We're creating these in real time [with the show]," Beyer said, according to a report from Yahoo. "They're going to support the story in a way we don't normally have the chance to do."

There's lots more ahead for Bryan Fuller's update of the series Gene Roddenberry created decades ago, of course -- including a new LGBT character, new technology and more. And naturally, expect Star Trek to take on current events and societal commentary, as the original series did so flawlessly. Heck, there might even be a Shatner sighting!

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