Star Jones courtesy of Yolanda Perez/ABC Star Jones courtesy of Yolanda Perez/ABC

New Court TV host Star Jones didn't want to comment on the recent turmoil of her former on-air home The View. But she couldn't help herself. Speaking to reporters at the Television Critics Association tour on Sunday, she said she was "disappointed" that the ABC daytime chatfest still doesn't have a regular black panelist. "There is no person of color that has been placed as a permanent member of The View," she said. "You need to make it look like a fabric from society. That's the only thing I would encourage, is a permanent person of color that is a professional, [who] would bring facts to the table."

Since Jones left the show a year ago, The View has had a number of black guests as panelists. Whoopi Goldberg, Sherrie Shephard and Gayle King have all appeared and are candidates for a regular spot. Asked about Rosie O'Donnell's turbulent stint on the talker, Jones described her as "one of the smartest people on television" because of her ability to draw attention. "We didn't get to work together," Jones said. "I think it probably would have been good TV."

Jones, whose new live talk show for Court TV debuts Aug. 20, also said she will reveal details about her weight loss in an upcoming column in Glamour magazine. - Reporting by Stephen Battaglio