If you can't stand reality shows then this one is probably akin to one of Dante's circles of Hell. But for unscripted-TV fans this is the equivalent of giving a junkie crack. The show combines reality "stars" from nearly every show, like Joe Schmo, The Amazing Race, Survivor and even The Swan. While it's missing the charm of the original '70s series less hair flipping makes a big difference  it still includes all the silly games like the dunk tank and the obstacle course. Just good old-fashioned fun. And I think that the cast members of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, like Mike the Miz and Coral, have an advantage because they've been doing contests like this for years on MTV. But the real problem with this show is the fact that teams have to vote to evict one of their players each week. Because fan favorites like Charla and Chip's wife, Kim, are nice compared to the brute force of some, they're in greater danger of being eliminated. Why does everything have to have eliminations now? There are no tribes; no one should be getting fired here! And is it wrong that I'm actually starting to think that Survivor's most notorious player Richard Hatch is coming off almost likable in contrast to Jonathan from The Amazing Race? I almost don't even care who wins this frivolous summer show; I just think it is fun to watch. And I want to know how Trishelle, Omarosa and Bachelor Bob got to be sideline reporters instead of contestants. What special qualities do they have? Also, it is always nice to see Coral get tossed in the dunk tank, repeatedly, and for Charla prove that size doesn't matter.