Well-reviewed family film Spy Kids pulled a fast one at the box office over the weekend, opening at No. 1 with a potent $27 million. Miramax's Dimension Films is already developing a sequel to the Antonio Banderas flick. The Ashley Judd/Hugh Jackman romantic comedy Someone Like You debuted at No. 2 with a decent $10.3 million, followed by last week's No. 1, Heartbreakers (No. 3 with $8.2 million). Rounding out the top five were the teen farce Tomcats (No. 4 with $6.5 million) and The Brothers (No. 5 with $5.8 million). Oscar winners Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (No. 8 with $5 million) and Traffic (No. 9 with $4.2 million) received modest bumps of 8 percent and 6 percent, respectively.