Although it might not seem like it just yet, spring is upon us. Pretty soon the temperatures will rise, trees will bud, and flowers will bloom. But although you may be tempted to shed your winter layers and do cartwheels in the sun, please remember that it's only March, it's probably very muddy outside, and there's still plenty of TV to watch on a weekly basis.

Now, if you're anything like us — and you should be — you're likely dying to know what's coming down the pike on your favorite shows like Westworld and The Handmaid's Tale. This is why we, in a special gift to you, tracked down your favorite TV stars and executive producers to find out what's coming up on all of those beloved shows. Who's causing trouble on the new season of The 100? We can tell you! What have Philip and Elizabeth Jennings been up to in The Americans' final season? We know that too! We've got all that scoop and more in the gallery below. So check it out, mark your calendars and get excited, because new episodes will be here before you know it!