That '70s Show is losing both Topher Grace (Eric) and

Ashton Kutcher (Kelso) in the May 18 season-ender, but only one of them will be getting a grand send-off. "The finale is really only a big goodbye to Eric," says exec producer Dean Batali, revealing that Kitty and Red's little boy will accept that teaching job in Africa. Kutcher's MIA status, meanwhile, will be dealt with in the fall. "We definitely leave some things hanging that need to be resolved with Kelso," says Batali, who's optimistic that Demi Moore's main man will agree to make sporadic appearances next season. Grace's involvement is another matter. "It seems like we'll see Eric once or twice, but it may not be until the series finale," he says. "It's like when Richie left Happy Days, he came back for Joannie's wedding." So, Jackie and Hyde are gonna get hitched. I knew it!