A week after landing the role of Spider-Man in the upcoming big-screen remake, Tobey Maguire already has been fitted for the superhero's skintight suit. "They put some kinda grease on my body and then layer after layer of this... stuff," the 25-year-old actor tells Time. "When it hardens, they take it off, and it's a little bit painful 'cause I have hair on my body." Maguire added that he has yet to start pumping up for the part, saying, "Hey, I just got this thing last Friday!" No word on who will join Maguire in the Sam Raimi-directed comic-book caper, but Vincent D'Onofrio insists he's not interested in sprouting mechanical limbs as Spider-Man's formidable foe, Doc Octopus — despite growing fan support on the Internet. Why? Check out today's Insider for an interview.