After spending way too much time staring at the website searching for any little clue, the only thing I've discovered is that Alvar Hanso's picture creeps me out. But I've known that he's spooky ever since I saw that orientation video the first time. I've still got no clue what all that meant, though I do love the online speculation that the people on the boat that took Walt were the two scientists Gerald and Karen Degroot in the orientation video.... that's kinda cool. I don't know really what that means, but it is intriguing. And will Katey Segal be back? Because I was a little disappointed in her during this episode. I don't know if it was just that her character seemed so blah or because they are maintaining the mystery aspect, but I feel like she was underutilized. Also, is there anything to the fact that she was on 8 Simple Rules and eight is one of the numbers in the sequence? Angel Cohn

How could the castaways have survived their plane crash? Find out.