Bones Bones

Oh, baby! They are two of TV's most anticipated occasions — the births of Booth and Brennan's daughter on Bones and Marshall and Lily's son on How I Met Your Mother. I talked to the expectant parents at the People's Choice Awards to get the scoop on both blessed events.

The arrival of Baby Bones will happen soon after the Fox drama returns this spring. "There's a horse, a farm and a lot of wine involved," teases David Boreanaz. "There's some trauma that happens that may twist the series a bit." Lightening the mood for David and costar Emily Deschanel was the fake baby they worked with covered in "grape jelly and cream cheese. And Emily's right foot kept hitting me in the head."

Also going for an unconventional delivery is How I Met Your Mother, winner of the People's Choice for Favorite Network TV Comedy. "One of our big end-of-the-year stories [involves] where Marshall is during Lily's labor," reveals exec producer Craig Thomas. "We'll have this intense action chase sequence like a road movie with Marshall [Jason Segel] and Barney [Neil Patrick Harris] trying to get back from Atlantic City while Ted and Robin distract Lily with increasingly short stories as her contractions get stronger. It's the most flashback stories we'll ever tell on How I Met Your Mother — like 25, some just three seconds long."

Frets pregnant star Alyson Hannigan, "That's going to be really hard to shoot. Nothing like the home birth of my first child, which was lovely and peaceful."

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