If you TiVo'd Sunday's Sopranos finale for viewing at a later date, stop reading now because a mini recap is coming. Okay, here it goes: The show's fifth season ended on a hopeful note as Tony's rival kingpin, Johnny Sack, was busted by the FBI during the episode's final minutes. But it was too late for Steve Buscemi's Tony B, who got whacked in the left temple by Tony S. himself. (To quote the six merry murderesses of the Crookem County Jail, "He had it comin'.") Elsewhere, that Benny dude got his face busted in by that old grump Phil; Adriana's death was all but confirmed; and Tony and Carmela questioned son AJ's sexuality after he showed interest in event planning. And Clay Aiken music. (C'mon, you know that's what he was secretly downloading on his iBook.)