Liam McIntyre Liam McIntyre

Blood! Sex! Swords! More blood! What else would you expect from Spartacus: Vengeance?

The full-length trailer for Season 2 of the Starz series — which premiered at Comic-Con last week — has been released and it's definitely not for those who get queasy at the sight of blood.

Spartacus roll call: Andy Whitfield "doing well," Liam McIntyre embraced

Among the carnage: beheadings, whippings and a sword stabbing straight through a guy's neck. Of course, you'll also get a good look at Liam McIntyre stepping into Andy Whitfield's sandals as Spartacus. Speaking of "good look," keep your eyes peeled for a split-second shot of a very nekkid Lucretia (Lucy Lawless).Spartacus: Vengeance premieres in January.