As part of a recent Q&A, Rashida Jones had this to share about her Fox comedy The Rules for Starting Over, and how it might affect her run on The Office: Now tell me about the Fox pilot you just booked, The Rules for Starting Over. What's the concept?
Rashida Jones:
It's a comedy about friends who are kind of on the other side of the fun dating game - they've been through divorces and failed relationships - and they're now asking, "How do you reinvent your love life when you feel like all the good parts of being in your twenties are over?" I play a divorce lawyer and I basically represent all my guy friends, who have all been divorced twice, thrice.... And they have all slept with you at one point or another....
No, they haven't! This isn't Showtime. But I'm sort of like a workaholic and I have a boyfriend who I have not been with for a very long time, but I continue to idealize him in my mind and don't give any other guy a shot. The pilot is about me opening up a bit and exploring my options. Is this a "second position" thing, or is there an expiration date set for your Office gig?
It's very nebulous. We've talked about some things, and other things may happen.... You see so many actors doing double duty on shows, so it's totally possible. But I have to say, it will be hard for me [to leave The Office] because I really love this show and I love this part.