As part of a recent feature, 8 Simple Rules and Charmed alumna Kaley Cuoco had this to say about CBS' The Big Bang Theory sitcom: This was another role you had to fight for, right? They at first said you were too young?
Kaley Cuoco:
This pilot was up in the last pilot season. And when I went to the network [for casting approval], Chuck Lorre, who I love and he loves me, said, "We love you, but we think you're too young." So they cast somebody else, did the pilot, and then wanted to recast her and change the whole outlook on this character. So Chuck called me like a month or two ago and was like, "Kaley, come meet with me." Twenty minutes after [meeting with the network] Chuck called and said, "You've got the job." The premise is that two brilliant young physicists [Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons] are thrown for a loop by this hot chick?
That's exactly what it is. I don't know if I'm hot, but I'm the crazy girl next door. But you are not another physicist.
I am definitely not a physicist. [ Laughs] Absolutely not.

The Big Bang Theory will air Mondays at 8:30 pm/ET.