Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle got its wings clipped at the box office over the weekend. Despite a No. 1 opening, the much-hyped sequel grossed a disappointing $38 million — well below expectations and $2 million less than the first film's debut haul in 2000.

The Hulk also experienced a major shortage of green. After debuting at No. 1 last week,

Ang Lee's incredible failure lost a staggering 70 percent of its business to take in $18.4 million for No. 2. Also suffering from atrocious word of mouth: From Justin to Kelly, which slipped 78 percent in week two. (In related news, atheists everywhere are considering the possibility that there may be a God after all.) Finding Nemo bucked the downward trend, holding strong at No. 3 with nearly $14 million. The Disney/Pixar masterpiece has amassed $253.9 to date and is on track to pass The Matrix Reloaded as 2003's top film.