While many Italian-Americans try to fight Mafia stereotypes, Sopranos alum Vincent Pastore has learned to have fun with his goomba image. In fact, he seems to encourage the assumption that there's a little "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero in his real life. And since he seemed so natural as a shady process server in his latest film — Serving Sara (opening Friday) — we just had to ask: Has he ever been served a summons himself?

"Don't you think so?" he sarcastically retorts. "I had a previous life before I became an actor! Of course I have [been served]." He won't tell us why the courts required the pleasure of his company, but he hints that it was back when he used to run night clubs.

We'll bet Pastore's hard-boiled New Yawk attitude made quite an impression down in Dallas, Texas, where he filmed most of Sara with co-stars Elizabeth Hurley and Matthew Perry. "The first day I walked into the production office, the girls were a little intimidated," he grins, "but they all walk around with guns down there, so how intimidated could they be?"

He also observed that Dallas already has an intriguing Italian-American population: "There are a lot of people down there in witness protection," Pastore suggests. "The only Italians I met down there were guys who couldn't come back to New York!"

Since having his character killed off in The Sopranos's second season — "Big Pussy" literally sleeps with the fishes — the actor says he definitely has missed his TV family. But he's moved on. Pastore plays a law-abiding deli owner in his next TV appearance — on the Julia Roberts-produced Queens Supreme, debuting next year on CBS. "I get offered maybe three jobs a week to be a wiseguy," he groans. "But I did The Sopranos. I think I would be kidding myself if I played another wiseguy on TV."