Sophina Brown by Cliff Lipson/CBS Sophina Brown by Cliff Lipson/CBS

As previously reported, not only has Shark alum Sophina Brown been added to the cast of CBS' Numbers, but she has been bumped up to a series regular status.

Brown will play the team's new agent, Nikki Betancourt, described as "a tough, street-smart ex-LAPD officer" and "full-blown adrenaline junkie who got her law degree at night school."

Pumped-up endorphins may be something the show needs as it enters its fifth season and following the departure of Diane Farr. Brown's elevation to regular status most likely means she's faring well as Farr's replacement. Agent Betancourt's introduction could also be a welcome shake-up for Rob Morrow's by-the-book Agent Eppes.

Does having an adrenaline junkie on board mean we'll see Brown jumping out of planes or leading high-speed chases to nab assorted baddies? We'll have to wait to find out until Numbers premieres Oct. 3, at 10 pm/ET. - Erin Fox

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