Sons & Daughters Why, oh why, is there so much drama in my comedy? I asked this last week with hopes that Fred Goss might read my little narrative and give me an answer. I didn't get one, and well, I guess he didn't read it either because there was a lot more drama in Sons & Daughters

last night than there was comedy. After turning on ABC right before the show and hearing "watch the show TV Guide calls painfully hilarious," I can just taste the hatred coming my way for saying that too much drama trumped all the humor this week. I was all ready to write something about the management of the Watercooler needing to work a "Depends Budget" into my salary you know, so I could just pee myself laughing rather than hold back but I guess that little contract demand can be shelved for a future Jim Belushi show. (Yes, Jim Belushi jokes never get old). I did appreciate the not-so-subtle reference to AI when Jenna sings karaoke to Paula Abdul's "Straight Up." But I wish it'd made me laugh more than it made me want to switch channels to check out the gray-haired guy sing some Stevie Wonder. I think even more frustrating is that I took a lot of time in the past week ("a lot" meaning more than three minutes) to get to know the characters so I could piece together story lines  and the one I thought would be the standout, Carrie, was barely visible in these two episodes. We did find out that Trevor likes to dress in his mother's clothes  my research didn't lead me to that revelation. I'm not giving up yet, though: I still see good comedic potential. C'mon, Freddy, see it with me, man. See it with me!