Sons & Daughters
As I'm watching my shows for the Watercooler, I take notes. I write down quotes, character names and plotlines in a very organized manner. Last night I found out that I need to start taping Sons & Daughters because it's very hard to write clearly when tears of laughter are pouring down my face. This show is unique, fresh and funny. We're talking milk-shooting-out-of-the-nose funny. So funny, you accidentally let one rip while you're laughing. You get what I'm saying? Funny! Crudeness and subtlety are the key ingredients here. Like when Don and Sharon are talking about the bad sex they just had and he describes it to her as "tossing a wrench in a closet." Or when Cameron is trying to explain why his parents might be breaking up and says that Dad is "trapped in Mom's box." Don't forget the good old drug and fart jokes, too you can never have enough of those in good comedy. Why don't Sharon and Don sleep in the same bed? Of course, it's because Don gave her the Dutch Oven one too many times. (Okay, it literally took me about five minutes just to compose myself after that one). How about when Don finds his son's bong in his golf bag and gets the response, "I don't do drugs, I'm an athlete." Ha!

There are certainly three things I'm worried about, though. The show is quirky, which is the kiss of death for a sitcom these days. The second episode that premiered had more drama than comedy and there's a seemingly endless amount of characters in this family, which makes it tough to follow along at times. Anything would seem funny following Jim Belushi, but the actual comedy in this is truly outstanding. Here's hoping this sticks around for a while at least long enough for me to learn how to breathe and laugh uncontrollably at the same time.