Sons & Daughters
It was another double-shot Tuesday night for Cameron and his crazy family. The first episode reminded me never to borrow money from my siblings. On one hand, when it comes to family, there's no financial interest to pay. But it's the "emotional interest" that kills you. Borrowing $1,500 from Sharon meant Cameron had to sit through Don's pathetic play  and work concessions during intermission. If you've never witnessed a painful performance by a friend (let alone a brother-in-law), trust me, you'd rather be in debt up to your eyeballs.

Sharon (played by Alison Quinn), by the way, is seriously stealing this show. Not only is she the most hilarious deadpan character ever, I looked up her bio and she had a part on 21 Jump Street. Rock on! The other dude I love is Whitey. I'm gonna have to apologize in advance for cracking up at him spouting racial epitaphs to an Asian customer before getting fired. "Kung Pao chicken over here's got an issue!" The customer says, "I'm from Wyoming!" Whitey says, "Why Oh Ming! Yeah, I know where that is, near Hong Kong." Oh man, ignorance makes for good comedy... sometimes.  

The second episode was my least favorite one so far, but it's hard for me to talk badly about an episode built around karaoke. Highlights were the fact that Jenna actually has pipes. I loved her version of "Time After Time." I only wish she could replace one of the 11 finalists on American Idol ('cause she's better than at least five of them). And when Cameron's mother admitted to fantasizing about the bartender, "and I was on top,"  forget it... "spit-take" is all I can say!