Rayven Armijo and Jamie Bayard by Michael Becker/Fox Rayven Armijo and Jamie Bayard by Michael Becker/Fox

It seemed that So You Think You Can Dance had only just begun when the first couple was sent home Thursday. Rayven Armijo and Jamie Ray Bayard were the first of the Top 20 to perform - and also the first to be cut, despite their humorous hip-hop routine to Estelle's "American Boy" (feat. Kanye West). Friday morning, they spoke to press. Here's what they had to say on:

Nigel's Comment on Dancing First and Leaving First:
Timing is everything, right? It's possible that the timing just wasn't there for us. We worked all night to get that to perfection, and I thought we did really well as a ballroom dancer and a ballerina.
Jamie: I think [Nigel's comment] has a lot of truth to it. We didn't have much airtime at the beginning, so when we went out, that was the first time that America had ever seen us. Nigel obviously understands how the show works.

Finding Out They Were Going Home:
Rayven: First, I was really proud of myself and everything, I thank myself for pushing forward to keep moving and doing this. But after that after that, I was disappointed, because I wanted to work with all the choreographers...I wanted to show America my potential and I know they would have fallen in love with me.
Jamie: I was a little surprised. I know that somebody has to go, that's the reality of the competition, and that's what the judges tell us afterwards.

What's Next:
Rayven: I'm going to keep going and pursue this career for a while.... I just left a message with [choreographers] Tabitha and Napoleon, hoping I can get my whole body in. I've got a foot in the door, but I hope I can get my whole body in there. I think I have it, I really think I do.
Jamie: This isn't going to stop anything. If anything, 20 million people saw me dance, so that's only a good thing.

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