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SNL: Watch the Best Clips from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's Christmas Show

We're still not over Meet Your Second Wife

Megan Vick

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler returned to SNL for the show's Christmas finale and they brought presents from the past and new bits that proved they've still got it. A sketch that pitted Kate McKinnon and Poehler's dueling Hillary Clinton impressions against Fey's irrepressible Sarah Palin was a highlight. A mordantly observed game show parody titled "Meet Your Second Wife" demonstrated that they didn't just lean on their greatest hits to bring the funny.

Check out the highlights and their musical guest Bruce Springsteen below.

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GOP debate cold open: This sketch reiterated the thoughts that so many of had during Tuesday's GOP debate: Is Ben Carson asleep? Who is Rand Paul? Will Jeb Bush ever stop being playground bully Donald Trump's whipping boy?

Christmas song mash-up monologue: Do you like your Christmas songs hip and modern or traditional and deeply religious? It doesn't matter because Fey and Poehler are giving you both in the Christmas jam you never knew you needed.

Clinton Christmas: Hillary Clinton goes to sleep wearing pantsuit pajamas and gets a spectral visit from her 2008 self, who also felt cocky about her chances in December 2007... before Barack Obama. It's nice to see Poehler and McKinnon together, but when Tina Fey shows up as a clueless Sarah Palin, we're all reminded that anything is possible in an election year. (Then they dance it out.)

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Meet Your Second Wife: Fey and Poehler play game show hosts who introduce happily married men to their disturbingly younger future second wives. Bonus: They tell their current wives how it's all going to end!

Bronx Beat: Poehler and Maya Rudolph reprise the roles of Betty and Jodi, who, as always, are tired of getting bad news. "You think it's Santa coming down the chimney? It's ISIS," Jodi warns. The news doesn't get any better from there, but it does get funnier.

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Dope Squad: Fey and Poehler spoof Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video by assembling the team of independent ladies who help them "juggle it all." With surprise cameos by Gayle King, Amy Schumer and the women's real-life (shared) gynecologist.

Bruce Springsteen: The Boss is back on the SNL stage to send everyone into the holidays with some guitar-fueled cheer. He brought along the E-Street band so everyone can "Meet in the City."

The bar has officially been set really high for Girls and Star Wars: The Force Awakens star Adam Driver, who will host the show when it returns on Jan. 16.