The Mother's Day episode of Saturday Night Live is always extra special, and the 2019 episode was no different. Emma Thompson, whose upcoming movie Late Night opens June 7, was joined for her opening monologue by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler — who gave a shout to her Netflix movie Wine Countryto riff about the joys of motherhood.

"Hello, we're mothers," Fey told the screaming crowd, before the three launched into Mother Speak 101, where they "decoded" what mothers say versus what they mean. Like, when your mom says, "I love all my kids the same," she's really saying, "Your sister's winning."

The three also took a moment to pay a sweet tribute to their actual children — Thompson's Gaia and Tindy, Fey's Penelope and Alice, and Poehler's Archie and Abel — before launching into their own dance break, naturally.

If you're hoping Poehler and Fey stuck around for the whole SNL episode, you're out of luck, but Thompson certainly held her own without them, playing an etiquette coach and lampooning her own Beauty and the Beast character, Mrs. Potts. Also, Thompson might secretly be a Jonas Brothers fan, because given the way she introduced the musical guest each time, you'd think she'd seen them in concert at least twice.

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