Amy Poehler, Saturday Night Live Amy Poehler, Saturday Night Live

Just six weeks after giving birth to bouncing baby Archie Arnett on Oct. 25, Amy Poehler made a surprise return to Saturday Night Live. Poehler reprised her impression of Sen. Hillary Clinton during Saturday's cold open and co-anchored "Weekend Update" with Seth Meyers. "You thought I was gone, didn't you?" said Poehler as Clinton with a wink.

The cold-open sketch had Hillary attempting to convince herself that being appointed President-elect Barack Obama's Secretary of State was, in fact, better than winning the presidency or being the governor of Alaska. "This job is almost a dream come true," she cracked. Darrell Hammond popped in as Bill Clinton to affirm that the political power couple is back. "You voted for change, but you ain't never going to change this," he drawled. "We Clintons are here to stay," added Hillary. "You may think we're down, but like the South, vampires and Britney Spears, we will rise again."

Although her name appeared in the show's opening credits, it appears her cameo was a one-time deal, as she returns to work on a midseason sitcom for NBC with The Office's Mike Schur. Let's take a moment to reflect on her loss. OK, moment's up!

Do you miss having Amy Poehler on Saturday Night Live? And are you looking forward to her NBC sitcom?