Laura Vandervoort and Tom Welling, <EM>Smallville</EM> Laura Vandervoort and Tom Welling, Smallville

Is this the season Clark's story "gets off the ground"? Might Tom Welling join the big-screen Justice League? Does Lex have a top-secret partner in Supercrime? In this first of three installments, executive producer Al Gough fields readers' burning questions about Smallville (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET, CW).

Are you still going to stick with your original "No Tights, No Flights" policy, considering how far we've come with the mythology and the fact that Supergirl [aka Kara, played by Laura Vandervoort] will be flying? — Salchan
Al Gough:
Yes, we are sticking with that policy as far as Clark is concerned. (Obviously Bizarro can fly as well as Kara.) But following up on what Chloe said about his lack of flying in the season premiere ("Clark, you need to get on that"), Kara will be giving him "flying lessons" later in the season. Although with Clark, they end up being more like "falling lessons."

Can we get some clues as to who some of the other DC characters are that might appear on the show this year? Thanks, and awesome job with the show. I'm hooked every week. — smallvillefan213
Gough: I am glad you are hooked; that way, when I don't give you any new information, you will keep watching. Mwhahahaaha! Here's what I can say: You'll see Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, Bizarro, and the return of Brainiac and the Green Arrow... as well as a future hero to be named later!

Since there is going to be a JLA movie and [Superman Returns'] Brandon Routh and [Batman Begins'] Christian Bale are not going to be in it, is there any chance that Tom Welling and the rest of the gang from Smallville's own Justice League could be featured in the roles? — cooper2000
Gough: That, unfortunately, isn't how Hollywood works. You will see a brand-spanking-new group of actors donning the tights for that film. I heard it is under the direction of George (Mad Max) Miller, so I am personally very excited to see it.

Will Chloe go back to being "Watchtower" this year at all? I thought that was a great way to fit her into the Justice League storyline. I love the episodes where they are saving someone or just working together and taking care of business. — aenawa
Gough: We love those stories, too, and you will see Chloe in quasi-Watchtower mode around Episode 11. You'll discover that she is still doing odd jobs for Oliver and the gang on the side. Hey, a girl's got to pay the rent. Cub reporters don't make squat!

Will we get the opportunity to see Bizarro survive and join the Legion of Doom, which will become an opponent for the Justice League? — jaketheman5
Gough: You haven't seen the last of Bizarro, and the Legion of Doom is always a possibility. And in the words of Forrest Gump, that's all I've got to say about that!

Will there be a major character or at least a guest star playing a character on Lex's side? — kpjmm
Gough: Yes, at least they will start there. There may also be someone on the show who is currently on Lex's side and we don't know it yet. (Kids, fire up the TiVos and put on those thinking caps!)

Will the fake-baby storyline be explained properly? I thought it was a pretty desperate thing for Lex to do and a sad ending for Lex and Lana. — lexanarocked
Gough: It was a desperate and sad thing for him to do. However, the explanation was given — Lex didn't feel Lana would marry him for himself, so he faked the pregnancy to seal the deal, then stopped drugging her with hormones after the wedding, so she thought she had a miscarriage. Remember, gang, this is one of the reasons he becomes evil, because he is desperate for love that he cannot get from his father or from Lana.

I heard Clark and Lana will reconcile, yet the audience knows that Clark and Lana will not end up together. Why invest so much time and energy rehashing their relationship this late in the series? — caitiedid
Gough: You also know that Lex will become evil, that Clark becomes Superman, and that the two will be mortal enemies, yet you've been watching for seven seasons! The fact is, Clark loves Lana, and that is one of the central relationships of the show. She is that crucial first relationship that helps define him and his future relationships with women. The fact that he screws it up so badly, no matter how hard he tries, is one of the reasons he ends up with Lois. Remember, my young Padawan, our story is the journey, not the conclusion.

The character of Clark seems to have become increasingly marginalized over the last couple of seasons. When are you going to tell Clark's story of his journey toward becoming Superman? And why does the journey have so much pining for Lana in it? — Gigi_F
Gough: See answer above and below.

We've heard a lot about character arcs for Kara, Lois and Lex. I was wondering whether there was a specific arc for Clark, one independent of Lana's return, considering he is the central character. Right now he seems to be reacting a lot to other characters; it would be nice to see him take the initiative and to see Clark specifically being pushed forward for a change. — extrasolar
Gough: Clark's journey this season revolves around his struggle between his Kryptonian heritage and his earthly upbringing, and dealing with his cousin — which ain't easy! Kara will give him an insight into his family (which is seriously screwed up) and his birth planet (which went boom, so there was something seriously screwed up there as well). He will grapple with his past and his future. And now that Lana is back, will he finally realize that this relationship, no matter how hard he tries, is ultimately doomed? Stay tuned.

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