Steve Carell, <EM>The Office</EM> Steve Carell, The Office
Things were kind of ho-hum for Smallville before the show's milestone 100th episode,

in which someone close to Clark dies!!! A crazy cop with a nasty hand and his fiancé try to take Lex and Lana hostage. Good thing Luthor has a handy-dandy panic room in which to take refuge. Of course he gets shot. 'Cause he needs to get shot at least once a month. But really, this is all just a way to arrange some quality Lexana time. And a way to rev up Clark's jealousy, especially since he and his GF aren't exactly clicking relationship-wise. I'm sorry, I know I keep saying this, but I still don't understand why the silly superboy refuses to tell Lana his big secret. His reasoning seems kinda weak. Sometimes I just love Martha Kent. My girl unleashes a "Maybe she's not the one you were really meant to be with." Thank you! Then, of course, they hit us on the head with one of them there anvils when Lois Lane just happens to drive into the picture. Back to Lex and Lana. The whole hair exchange while he was delirious from the gunshot wound was funny. First he asks the perpetually kidnapped one if he'd look better with hair. And then he follows it up with an envious, "Clark has nice hair." Hilarious. Meanwhile, I'm still enjoying all Clark-Chloe scenes. Jonathan finds out Lionel's bankrolling his campaign, and he can't live with it. And poor, poor Smallville Sheriff Frau Farbissina. She just tries to be a good cop, and what happens? She's shot dead. Sad, I guess. But shes not the only one who's kicking the bucket. Because next week, someone close to Clark dies. Yeah, we know. We know.