SmallvilleAfter pretty much playing a kryptohag all season long, Allison Mack

got an episode to call her very own. It was kind of a creepy possession story. Lightning zapped the Talon while Chloe was in the shower. Apparently, this woke up the spirit of some dead girl buried inside the wall of the bathroom. Before you could say "freak of the week," our girl reporter passed out and rewoke with her wrists slit and everyone thinking she tried to kill herself. I'd tell you more about what happened, but we only get so much space here, and the story became convoluted somewhere around the time a psycho orderly came into the picture. Although I have to say, it was nice to see Clark support Chloe for a change. Meanwhile, Lana will think of any excuse to go out and visit Lex, don't you think? But encouraging him to stick Chloe in Belle Reve? Not cool. And speaking of Lana, was that a breakup scene she had with Clark? I surely hope so. After losing his dad the way he did, there's no way those two can ever get back together, in my oh-so-humble opinion. Martha's taking over Jonathan's state-senate seat, a move that'll keep Mrs. Kent conveniently away from the farm a lot. And, at the end of the episode, Clark encouraged Chloe to visit her mentally ill mother. I'm not going to pretend I've watched every single Smallville

episode ever, so I have no idea if this mental-illness thing was mentioned before. Anyway, she made the decision to go to the hospital, walked up to her mom and they shared an emotional reunion. But we didn't get to see her mother's face. Doesn't Chloe deserve more than a faceless mom? I think so. Bettina Charles